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Bear Mountain Land Management, LLC is a Full-Service contractor in Creswell, Oregon specializing in forestry mulching and land management services.

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Land Clearing

Trees or overgrown brush have you overwhelmed? We can clear your land efficiently and safely while also providing significant erosion control.

* Land/Lot Clearing
* Right of Way Clearing
*Utility Line Clearing
* Survey and Fence Line Cleaning
*Trail and Access Clearing

Forestry Services

With our forestry mulcher, flail mower, tree shear and stump grinder we can quickly and efficiently clear land for considerably less than traditional hand cutting methods.

*Thinning and Underbrush Removal
*Invasive Species Management and Removal
*Road Brushing
*Trail and Access Clearing
*Brush Removal
*Stump Removal
*Small Tree Removal


Dirt Work

Bear Mountain Land Management, LLC offers a range of dirt work services for both new and existing property improvement projects.

*Gravel Driveways
* Parking Areas
* Culvert Installation and Replacement
* Ditch Cleaning
* Grading and Leveling

Large Application Mowing

Bear Mountain Land Management, LLC offers mowing services from large residential projects to commercial and industrial applications. Options to choose from include tractor or track loader depending on terrain needs.

* Pasture Mowing and Restoration
* Field Mowing


Storm Cleanup

Expert Service

Oregon weather is often unpredictable. Storm damage is a frequent and common theme especially in recent years. Winter storms can take down trees, branches and other debris causing major hazards. Contact Bear Mountain Land Management to assist in your storm cleanup.

Dump Truck Services

Twelve Yard Capacity.

Bear Mountain Land Management now offers Gravel/Rock Deliveries. We are also offering deliveries of bark, mulch, bedding, soil and compost products from Lane Forest Products. Delivieries available to Creswell and surrounding areas. Give us a call for prices and fees.

Truck for Hire.


Small Excavator

With Flail Mower

We have the equipment and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. Our Excavator can handle those small or big properties. With the flair mower, the excavator can mow those hard to reach places!

Services: Services
Forest Grass

Base Fees

Starting Rates, Fees may Vary.

  • 4-Hour Minimum on all jobs.

  • $2.00 per mile haul in. (waived if job exceeds $5,000.00)

  • $200.00 per acre - Skid Steer Mowing rough ground. For example, 1 acre tall grass and heavy blackberries usually about 1 hour to mow. As long as nothing in the way such as, rocks, old cars, fencing, trees & etc.

  • $70.00 per hour - Tractor Mowing/Tilling 

  • $90.00 per hour - Excavator Mowing 

  • $15.00 per 9" Auger hole, if large quantity needed, hourly rate of $80.00

  • $12.00 per 10" Post Pounder (if rocky terrain, most posts cannot be driven)

  • $100.00 per hour Land Plane & Vibratory Roller for gravel driveway/roads

  • $110.00 per hour Dump Truck for hire (12 Yard box w/high lift gate.)

  • $80.00 per hour Skid Steer w/Brush Grapple  

  • $80.00 per hour Skid Steer Dirt Work 

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